Our Pastor | Our Mission, Vision, and Values | Our Story

Mission: To lead people to become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Vision: Our vision is to connect people to the God who loves them and the people He loves, to help people grow in their relationship and understanding of God and others, to provide opportunities to serve God through serving the local church, and to Go and share the love of God by serving the world.


  • Christ at the Center – That all of our ministry work has a focus of proclaiming the love and message of Jesus Christ. This is our preeminent value.
  • People Matter – Our ministry will strive to balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the community.
  • Beyond the Walls – Ministry has to focus on the community around us to make a worthwhile impact.
  • Grace Inspired Giving – We believe in giving to God out of the profound depth of grace that he has given to us our time, talents and resources
  • Excellence – How we do what we do, matters as much as what we do!
  • Cultural Relevance – Our ministry will strive to bring our message via the most appropriate methods to the culture around us.